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Building an effective PMO structure considering critical success factors

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Master Thesis, Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied sciences, technology, business and design

Start of survey: 04.05.2019

End of survey: 25.05.2019

Duration: approx. 20 minutes

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Ladies and Gentlemen,


as part of my master's thesis for the completion of my studies "Business Consulting", I am investigating the setup and functions of a successful PMO structure in companies.


PMO (Project-, Program- and Portfoliomanagement-Office) means a function or a functional unit engaged to Project, Program and Portfolio Management for a company. A PMO standardizes governance processes between these units and endevors to ensure the benefits are driven according the desired value for the company. Therefore, resources are shared or methods, tools and techniques are made available and integrated. [A PMO is not a secretary or assistant]

The structure of an effective PMO depends on many factors. In ergonomics, dependencies in the spatial environment (workplace), physical environment, organizational environment as well as the social and cultural environment are considered. For example, organisational factors such as sector / industry, company size or the maturity of a company are related. The detailed view of physical and spatial environments are not being analysed due to individual parameter. Nevertheless, you are welcome to reflect the complexity of an individual meaning with thinking about the desire for sun shine or rain.


The target of this survey is to identify which PMO model fits to which organization and which improvements of a PMO are necessary in the future to ensure the added value for the organization and its teams.

Herewith I empirically determine the critical success factors of the best practice approach from Project, Program and Portfolio Management from PMI(R) and the organizational mindset from Frederic Laloux (2014) Reinventing Organizations.


The survey is anonymous. All data will of course be treated strictly confidential. If you are interested in the results, you are welcome to leave your e-mail address or send me a note at the end of the survey.


Many thanks in advance and kind regards

Annett Schlotte

M.A. Project Management, PMP(R)

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